Fixed Income Management

Fixed income exposure provides liquidity, capital preservation, and a predictable source of income while lowering overall portfolio volatility.

Objectives address:

  • Meeting or exceeding income and liquidity requirements while providing competitive returns
  • Maintaining flexibility to meet changing needs
  • Monitoring marginal tax rates to benefit from taxable vs. tax exempt income
  • Diversifying across market sectors

Fixed Income Security Selection Process

  • Managing a portfolio’s volatility based on market conditions
  • Taking advantage of market inefficiencies within the client’s objectives
  • Quality is primary focus
  • Positioning along the yield curve to protect against/take advantage of interest rate fluctuations and yield curve slopes

TCVA Taxable Bond Portfolio

Provides exposure to high-quality, investment grade bonds where the primary objective is to generate a competitive level of income while reducing volatility. A short to intermediate term average durations is maintained through securities which include U.S. corporate, U.S. government agency and taxable municipal bonds.

TCVA Municipal Bond Portfolio

A strategy which invests in high-quality, municipal bonds with short to intermediate maturities that provide federal and state tax exempt income. Risk is controlled through diversification across market sectors and tailored to state specific needs.

TCVA Core Bond Portfolio

A portfolio comprised of high quality, broad based fixed income Exchange Traded Funds which includes exposure to U. S. Treasury, U.S. Government Agency, Corporate, Mortgage Backed and International Sovereign debt. Focus remains on short to intermediate term ETFs.